When shopping around for watch winders, you are often presented with two material options: carbon fiber and wood. For some people, carbon fiber is the cream of the crop for 8 watch winder box. However, some people might think that a wooden watch winder is superior. So, in this article, we will take a look into the pros and cons of each watch winder material.

Wooden watch winder box

Wood is probably the oldest building material known to mankind. Despite being old-fashioned, wooden watch winders are still one of the most preferred watch winders available. For once, a wooden watch winder gives a rustic feeling when displayed in your room. The natural pattern that wood watch winders have will give a classy and old-timey atmosphere to your watch collections. 

However, a wooden 8 watch winder box is typically heavier than a carbon fiber one. Therefore, it is not suitable if you’re looking for portability on your watch winder box. 

Carbon fiber watch winder

Like wood, carbon fiber is very versatile. In general, 90% of carbon fibers are produced from polyacrylonitrile (PAN), which is an organic polymer characterized by a long string of molecules bound together by carbon atoms. Compared to wood, carbon fiber watch winders are much lighter. Therefore, it is easier to carry around when you’re traveling. Despite the weight, carbon fiber watch winders are very durable.

The only disadvantage of carbon fiber watch winder is the high price tag. But, if you’re looking for the best watch winder for your watch, consider getting a carbon fiber watch winder.

So, those are the differences between carbon fiber and wooden 8 watch winder box. In summary, wooden watch winders are heavy, but they can be a good display piece to complement your watch collection. On the other hand, the carbon fiber watch winder is lighter and more durable. However, they’re typically more costly. So, when getting a watch winder, decide carefully between the two materials.


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