You may buy a new watch winder for 2 watches because you want to maintain your Rolex watches well. If so, you can’t only place the watches but also set the winder correctly. The information below will guide you to adjust the watch winder for Rolex watches.  

Set the TPD and Rotation 

You need to check the model of the Rolex watches before setting the TPD and rotation in the watch winder box. For example, the GMT-Master II needs up to 650 TPD. This watch also needs to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. 

Ensure that you get a watch winder box, along with a clockwise and counterclockwise rotation feature. On the other hand, Daytona Cosmograph 4130 needs a higher TPD for up to 800 to 950 TPD. You also have to set the rotation clockwise only. Check the information on the package box to know the TPD and direction of your Rolex watches. 

How Long to Place Rolex Watches in a Watch Winder Box

You also have to understand how long to place a Rolex watch in a watch winder for 2 watches. Over winding can be dangerous for your watches. The time to place Rolex watches in a winder box depends on the model. Most Rolex models often need to be winded for up to 70 hours. 

The Way to Place the Rolex Watches in the Watch Winder Box

A specific product, such as the Paragon watch winder box by Billstone consists of a feature that protects Rolex watches. For instance, this product has a watch pad. This feature is made of a Flexi-pad. This material can adapt well to the size and shape of the watchband. 

The manufacturer chooses this material because it doesn’t stick to or damage leather, steel, ceramic, cloth, and rubber watch straps. Indeed, you can keep your Rolex watches safe in the Billstone’s watch winder for 2 watches.  


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