Best watch winder safe boxes by Billstone are perfect for those who collect high-end automatic watches, including Rolex watches. You can choose to use Paragon 6 or Paragon 12 watch winder box to keep the watches accurate. On the other hand, you also should know how to set the winder box correctly. 

Consider the Function of the Gears 

Watch winder boxes consist of 4 gears. The first gear means off. The second gear means that the winder will rotate for four minutes 30 seconds Clockwise. The winder box will rest for 55 minutes and 30 seconds before repeating it. 

The third gear means that the box rotates for four minutes and 30 second Counter-Clockwise and then rest. The fourth gear rotates for only four minutes Counter-Clockwise before resting for 26 minutes. The last gear leads the winder to rotate for six minutes Clockwise and rest for 24 minutes. 

Put the Watch on the Winder Box 

Now, turn on your best watch winder safe box and put a watch on the small dial inside the winder. Close the winder box and adjust the gear you want. The watch winder box will automatically rotate. 

Set the TPD or Turn Per Day 

Each automatic watch needs a different TPD. You should know the recommended TPD and Winding Direction for Rolex watches. The manufacturer often includes this information on the package or instructions. 

For example, the Rolex-Cosmograph Daytona needs 800 to 950 TPD in a Clockwise winding direction. Set the TPD in 650 with Clockwise and Counterclockwise winding direction if you want to put a Rolex submariner inside your best watch winder safe box. 

Check the Watch on the Box 

Check the watch on the winder box regularly when everything is properly set. You can check the watches every few weeks. Remember to clean the best watch winder safe box with cloth or dust to get rid of dust and dirt.  


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